'Cody - The Movie' Project - CEFI Ltd with Bristol Systems Technologies Ltd have a driving passion to bring Cody's story to life. For more info -

The Cody Statue Project - FAST is working to ensure the proper commemoration of Samuel Franklin Cody - one of the most significant aviation pioneers in our history - with a statue, unveiled on the centenary anniversary of his death in 2013.

The Drachen Foundation - of Seattle, USA is dedicated to the increase & diffusion of kite knowledge by teaching the historical, cultural and artistic aspect of kiting.

To Fly is Everything - A virtual museum covering the invention of the aeroplane.

Miztral (formerly Miznet) - French kite site with Cody kite plans.

More Wind for Cody - German kite site.

Poole Kite Fliers - Free kite club.

S.F. Cody War Kites - A site by Hugh Andrew.

F.A.S.T. Cody Flyer Project - A full size replica of Cody British Army Aircraft Number 1A. Built by FAST for the 100th Anniversary of that historic flight in October 2008, from the drawings prepared by John Roberts based on the research over many years by Jean Roberts.
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Presented here is a brief summary of the life and achievements of Samuel Franklin Cody (1867-1913), showman, kite developer and aviator; a man of greatly diverse talents and for me a subject of abiding fascination.

S F is based on the information I have gathered during many years of research.

There are, however, still many gaps in the story and further information & comments would be very welcome.

So please feel free to e-mail me